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Queer TrekkersQueer Trekkers: Gene Roddenberry’s Galactic Utopias

In a series known for exploring visions of utopia and questioning societal norms, it is only logical that Star Trek would be an imagined home for LGBTQ people. This panel features three queers who dive deep into the ways that The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager play with sexuality and gender normativity. They will also discuss the queer subtexts and the liminal narrative spaces for queers to live within the scripts. How has Star Trek fed our possibilities for queer freedom?


CUNY presentation on Cartoon History

“Girl Cartoons”

“Counter-Hegemonic Transgressions on Popular Culture Coding” is a talk presented to CUNY on cartoon history. It is an exploration on how playful transgressions exist from within the culture industry.





“Toy-based Girl Cartoons of the 1980s, the original Girl Power”

Presented at the 2013 American Sociological Association (ASA), Society for the Study of Social Problems (SSSP), New York, New York. A talk on the history of “Girl Power” and the 1980s toy-based girl cartoons and how within the formulaic, gender normative parameters set in place to identify girl cartoons as well as girl media consumption in the 1980s also created girl cartoon characters that were able to represent an empowered girl popular culture product a decade before the nomenclature Girl Power.


Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 3.25.20 PM“Girl Cartoons” is a talk on the history of television Girl Cartoons, what defines them, who creates them, as well as who consumes them. The talk delves further into the way that popular culture theory can be used to understand the very complex, yet very popular, television cartoon media product.

Presented at the Opentoe Peepshow, May 5, 2013:



“Queering the Comix”

Presented at Comikaze,  Sept 16, 2012

A panel discussion on the queer presence within the comics industry from the perspective of artist, writers and academic researchers.


“Spies within the Privileged World: FtM and Racial Identities”

Presented at the 2002 American Sociological Association Section Events, Chicago, Illinois. Sexualities Newsletter (p8) – July 2002.


Gender roles and queer activism

Interview conducted by Angeli S Hederberg, social entrepreneur. – June 2013.



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